Expected in March 2018: The DWP has said it will publish an update in March on its feasibility work, building on the findings of the initial industry-led work and seeking to establish a path towards delivery of pensions dashboard services.

Also, at the end of March, a two-day innovation event will be held in Hoxton to explore ideas for making retirement saving more accessible for Britain’s 5 million self-employed people.  The TechSprint event will challenge teams of experts to develop practical interventions, focusing on the roles that technology, pensions dashboard and open banking could play in helping the self-employed build financial resilience for later life.


9 February 2018 – If we build it, will they come?

In a New Model Adviser article, Copia Capital’s Malcolm Small envisions a future world where pensions are discussed at dinner parties.  He concludes, though, that it remains uncertain whether pensions dashboard services will finally engage UK consumers, but, if we don’t build the dashboard, we’ll never know.


7 February 2018 – Origo comment on CSFI report

Flagging the recent Dependency Trap report from the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI), the new Origo Managing Director Anthony Rafferty comments, in an Actuarial Post article, that it’s important to get the dashboard basics right (for example, robust identification and pension finder services) so that firm foundations are laid on which dashboard services can be developed.


6 February 2018 – Open banking: the pre-cursor to open pensions

In two separate articles, Experian’s Richard Howells and Dunstan Thomas’ Adrian Boulding set out how open banking, which went live in January, is the pre-cursor to a new world of “open pensions” in which pensions dashboard services will dramatically enhance consumers’ retirement experiences as well as providing significant opportunities for product providers and advisers.


17 January 2018 – Infographic of “Big DB”

Using data from Pension Funds Online, Professional Pensions Editor Jonathan Stapleton uses Infogram to publish an online infographic of the UK’s 20 biggest funded DB schemes.  With total assets between them of approximately half a trillion pounds, these 20 schemes would make an excellent set of early dashboard volunteers.  In particular, between them, they utilise all the major defined benefit administration systems (from which data would need to released for display on dashboards).