Which countries in North, Central and South America have developed pensions dashboard services?

The United States is thinking about it.

In October 2020, a detailed policy report from the Brookings Institution, the leading US think tank, looked at the possibility of developing (a) dashboard(s) in the US. The report said that “because the US retirement system is more like the UK’s than those of other countries with dashboards, insights from the ongoing UK development could facilitate the US process … [in particular] the obstacles encountered in the UK could be instructive as the US designs its [dashboard(s)]”.

And in February 2024, in a very extensive and thorough report, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommended that “Congress consider granting authority to a federal agency to establish and oversee a pensions dashboard with authority to consolidate retirement account information”.

More details about existing, and potential future, pensions dashboard services in the Americas to be added here in due course as appropriate.