The sample dashboard below (Sample006) shows a simple table of my pensions, assuming they can all be digitally found, in “Date payable from” order (earliest date first).

We know from previous research that all these dates will be confusing for users. This is discussed below the dashboard.

Table in payable from date order


Date last
Date payable
Prudential Staff Pension Scheme1 Oct 19917 Jul 19958 Aug 2027£1,130 a year
Prudential Staff Pension Scheme9 Apr 199631 Dec 19988 Aug 2027£1,020 a year
Pension Protection Fund5 Oct 1987? ??? ????8 Aug 2027
8 Aug 2032
£140 a year
£1,500 a year
Scottish Widows1 Sep 20208 Mar 20218 Aug 2032£120 a year
Centrica Pension Plan1 Jan 199928 Aug 202131 Aug 2032£2,160 a year
State Pension8 Aug 198313 Aug 20218 Aug 2034£9,490 a year
Aon Master Trust1 Feb 200113 Aug 20218 Aug 2041£3,750 a year
Aviva1 Nov 20038 Jul 20218 Aug 2041£12,500 a year
Nest1 Jul 201631 Mar 20218 Aug 2041£19,100 a year

Discussion topics

Sample006 is exactly the same table as Sample004 except the pensions are ordered by “Date payable from”, earliest first. However, this mixes up the recent and historic amounts again (which Sample005 tried to solve), so we need to test how users feel about that too.

This is all pretty confusing. We need to explore all these three different dates for each pension (i.e. “Date started”, “Date last updated” and “Date payable from”) in a bit more detail. See Sample007 for a discussion about these three dates.