Belgium’s national pensions dashboard service is

It is run jointly by:

The information on this page was provided by Sigedis Managing Director Steven Janssen, who has confirmed it is correct (at June 2021) – PENDING.

This page looks briefly at’s history, usage and data standards (with links to more detailed information).


In 2020, reached its 10th anniversary, celebrated in this Sigedis November 2020 news article and a special 10 years of website (containing lots of key statistics and useful information). had its origins in 2010 in pre-existing Belgian employment datasets collected for other purposes (Sigedis also runs

Functionality has been added over the years, including, from 2017, being able to see both your Pillar 1 (state) and all your Pillar 2 (workplace) pensions together.

For Pillar 2 (workplace) pensions, presents three core “levels” of information:

  • Level 1: Total accrued pensions
  • Level 2: List of retirement plans
  • Level 3: Details of each retirement plan including future projection. is available in all three languages spoken in Belgium (Dutch, French and German).


Belgium’s population is currently about 11.5 million, with roughly 8.6m adults and 6.5m working age adults (WAAs).  A little over 60% of Belgian WAAs have Pillar 2 pensions, i.e. roughly 4 million people.

Steven has supplied the following figures for the actual usage of’s Pillar 2 information for the calendar year of 2020:

  • Visits to 1.84 million
  • Unique visitors: 1.52 million*
  • Proportion of Belgian WAAs: 23%
  • Proportion of Belgian WAAs who have Pillar 2 pensions: 38%
  • Clicks on information at:

    • Level 1 (accrued): 3.28 million
    • Level 2 (list of plans): 0.92 million (28% of Level 1)
    • Level 3 (projections): 0.46 million (14% of Level 1)

* There are roughly 100,000 unique visitors every month, but this figure more than doubles in November and December after Sigedis send out an annual reminder.  The gender and age breakdowns of users is:

Data standards

Data matching is achieved by using each Belgian’s National Registration Number (NRN), which is verified with central Belgian Government authorities.

In the early days, a lot of work had to be done to ensure all pension schemes and providers held a correct NRN for all their members.  This was done through checking other personal details, but there were some issues with items such as variable First Name spellings and partial Dates of Birth.

This upfront work was critical to ensure matching worked correctly when was launched.

The detailed XSD requirements for data to be supplied by pension schemes and providers change roughly every three months, continually fine tuning the data that’s supplied and also keeping pace with changes in the wider Belgian pensions environment.  Sigedis runs a monthly meeting of representative pension providers who collectively agree all changes to the data standards.

1 June 2021