11 June 2012 – IBM national pension portal

Six years after DWP scraps the ORP development (see below), in a Money Marketing opinion column John Greenwood reports on a plan from IBM re-raising the idea in what is called a national citizen’s pension portal. But it will be two more years before the Government picks up the idea again – see the 2014 page.

26 October 2006 – ORP plans scrapped

The Minister of State for Pensions James Purnell announces the scrapping of the Online Retirement Planner (ORP), four years after it was announced (see below), because “delivering accurate online information about state pensions would become increasingly difficult given the uncertainty about the exact shape of future provision”.

17 December 2002 – ORP announced

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Andrew Smith publishes a green paper entitled Simplicity, security and choice: Working and saving for retirement. One of the paper’s many proposals is the development, by 2004, of a web-based retirement planning tool, or Online Retirement Planner (ORP).

The idea is to enable people to view their total projected pension income (from all their state, workplace & personal pension arrangements), including a facility to trace old pensions, with the planner being run either by Government, or the industry, or the two in partnership.