This page contains information about the Swedish pensions dashboard.  For details of other countries’ dashboards, see the main International page.

Sweden’s national pensions dashboard service is minPension.se:

minPension is run by a not for profit, wholly owned subsidiary on Insurance Sweden (Svensk Försäkring), which is the Swedish equivalent of the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

minPension is a collaboration between the Swedish Government and the insurance industry, governed by a consortium agreement.  The agreement prescribes for the dashboard’s operations and development to be exactly joint-funded by Government and industry:

minPension’s 2019 budget was about 55 million Swedish Krona (SEK), or roughly £4.6 million (i.e. £2.3m each from state and industry).

The information on this page is taken from the International page on the minPension website, in particular a very informative 2019 summary document entitled “This is minPension”:

This page looks briefly at minPension.se’s history, usage and data standards (with links to more detailed information).


minPension was originally launched in 2004 and has been continually developed over the 17 years since then.

In particular, in 2017 there was a major re-launch of the front-end user experience.  In March 2016, at the Sigma Camp Digital conference in Manchester, minPension Chief Executive Anders Lundström and Development Manager Patrik Malmqvist presented their learnings from this front-end redesign project.

Their highly informative, and very UK-relevant, talk is available to watch on YouTube here:


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Data Standards

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