Europe is the continent where, over the years, most pensions dashboards have been developed, starting with Denmark.

Five countries’ dashboards have been running for over a decade: these are now well bedded in and their operators have deep understanding of how people actually use them.

Which European countries have developed pensions dashboards?

The map below gives a summary of the 8 countries which have developed, and the 6 countries which are developing, dashboards to show both state and workplace pensions.

Real nerds (like me) should refer to the excellent EIOPA report (Annex 1, page 93), published in December 2021, which has a complete list.

Click the links or thumbnails below for background information, usage statistics and other insights about the most mature “big five” dashboards (i.e. in Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden):

Belgium –

Denmark –

The Netherlands –

Norway –

Sweden –