A pensions dashboard?

What’s this all about? – updated 22 June 2018

Most of us build up savings for our retirement through our work.  But because many of us have several jobs during our lives, we end up with multiple bits of pension savings in lots of different places.  This can make it very hard to understand your overall position.

Because of this problem, Government, industry, charities, academics and others all think it would be a very good idea to develop “pensions dashboard” services, where UK citizens can see all of their different retirement savings in one place.

This issue exists in many developed countries – it’s not unique to the United Kingdom.  Several countries are years ahead of us and have already developed online pensions dashboard facilities for their people (in Scandinavia, the Low Countries, Israel & Australia).

A prototype has been developed by the pensions industry but various questions of policy require decisions from Government.  In October 2017, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced it will take the lead on this, conducting a feasibility study to examine the range of complex issues involved, sharing an update in Spring 2018.

See Key events for more details (or the Full history of events if you’re really interested).


So what’s DashboardIdeas.co.uk for?

Developing and maintaining dashboard services for the whole UK will be fiendishly tricky.  There are lots of issues to resolve requiring clever thinking and collaboration.

I hope that this website, serving as a repository for knowledge, thoughts and ideas on all aspects of the pensions dashboard topic, will help inform debate, and support those contributing to the pensions dashboard initiative.

See the About page for more details on why I’ve created this website and some brief background on me.

Many thanks for reading.


Richard Smith
22 June